Domaine Heresztyn-Mazzini

Our vineyard
in the Champagne region

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Pinot Noir


Plot(s): Côte de Nuits, Gevrey-Chambertin.
The wine comes from a plot on the “Champ Franc” climat.
Plot size: 7,600 m²
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Soil character: Limestone, with sand mixed with clay.
Year(s) planted: 1986
Average annual production: 5,200 bottles

Working the vine: We place great importance on respecting nature and the environment, and use environmentally friendly pest control. All of the estate’s plots are ploughed. To improve the yield, once pruned our vines are de-budded and thinned early, by hand. We may choose a green harvest.
Harvest method: Our grapes are harvested by hand. The harvest is sorted on a vibrating sorting table, and then by hand.
Winemaking process: The fermentation process begins using the naturally present yeast, following a pre-fermentation cold maceration process. The extraction process is gentle with little pigeage.
Maturation: Matured in oak barrels for 14-16 months.
Bottling: We bottle our wines ourselves on the estate, with no fining or filtration, and according to the lunar calendar, producing wonderfully clear wines with the best possible flavours.

Taste: Easy to drink, fruity, with a gourmet, crisp side. The result is deliciously seductive.

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