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Plot(s): Côte de Nuits, Chambolle-Musigny
This wine originates from two plots: “Aux Echanges” and “Les Bas Doix”.
Plot size: 1,770 m²
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Soil character: The hillside lies close to the bedrock, and the hard limestone contains a large number of cracks.
Year(s) planted: 1961 - 1999
Altitude: 250-300 m
Average annual production: 1000 bottles

Working the vine: We place great importance on respecting nature and the environment, and use environmentally friendly pest control. All of the estate’s plots are ploughed. To improve the yield, once pruned our vines are de-budded and thinned early, by hand. We may choose a green harvest.
Harvest method: Harvested by hand and grapes are placed in small perforated boxes. The harvest is sorted on a vibrating sorting table, and then by hand. This plot is always one of the first to be harvested.
Winemaking process: We are as gentle as possible in order to retain the wine’s initial flavours. The fermentation process begins using the naturally present yeast, following a pre-fermentation cold maceration process. The extraction process is gentle with little pigeage. This wine is made using 50-100 % whole bunches.
Maturation: In oak barrels (30% new wood) for 16-18 months.
Bottling: We bottle our wines ourselves on the estate, with no fining or filtration, and according to the lunar calendar, producing wonderfully clear wines with the best possible flavours.

Taste: A pleasing bouquet of red berries. Its terroirs cause this wine to be full-bodied and structured on the palate. The tannins remain gentle.

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